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Stainless Still ConveyorsAimark Travers supplies specialized conveyors for the food industry. Especially catered for the bakery, meat, poultry, and other eatery related industries, these stainless steel conveyors have steel belting that is apt for all the wash down applications. Our stainless steel conveyors are also used in industries that involve handling of chips and machine tools. With our hinged steel belt conveyors, it is possible to solve the inclined transfer needs of various industries. For industries dealing with scrap, we have the jam-free drag chain conveyors that are even used to handle cast iron.

Catering to specific client requirements, we also provide food grade PVC and stainless mesh belting options. The Aimark Travers stainless steel conveyors are best for light as well as heavy-duty applications of industries, and are used as solution to the cooling and drying needs of hot or washed parts. These conveyors also come with constant and variable speed options.

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