Gravity / Live Roller Conveyors

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Gravity ConveyorsAimark Travers delivers conveyors for the use of horizontal transfers of products and parts, with minimum amount of pitch. These are the gravity and live roller conveyors, mostly used as package transfer lines in assemble areas, shipping department, or any other warehousing activities. We also custom build live roller bed conveyors, which cater to the needs of the client’s industry for light or heavy goods transfer, with options of being belt or chain driven conveyors.

Our gravity roller conveyors are ideal for side loading and unloading purposes. We can provide these as permanent or temporary installations, depending on the accumulation needs of the client’s industry. The gravity/live roller conveyors have tapered rollers to tackle product orientation on the curved transfers at the turns. We also custom design our roller conveyors with guardrails for protection, and merging or diverging applications. Additionally, clients can choose steel or plastic rollers in the conveyors.

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