Belted Slider Bed Conveyors

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belted conveyorsBelt conveyors may be the most common type of conveyors used, but Aimark Travers makes its belted slider bed conveyors unique with added features and touch of class. We build horizontal as well as inclined slider bed conveyors, which can be customized to the client specifications of the infeed and discharge heights. Belted slider bed conveyors can be used in places that require transferring parts between workstations, to deliver them in containers, or pass them on to another conveyor.

Aimark Travers cuts off its competition by providing more features and options. Apart from the rubber belts, we also offer plastic and wire mesh belts for use in the belted slider bed conveyors. Such conveyors are more suitable for food grade and high-temperature use, with options of open transfers. Our belted slider bed conveyors are even available in lightweight designs for fast movement, and in rugged designs for heavy-duty purposes.

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